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Hope Weaver

01 | The Mission

The Hope Weaver mission is to weave a little hope into the lives of those along the transplant donation journey and bring light to the facts surrounding organ donation awareness. This is a journey that can be challenging for transplant recipients, donors, and their families and we believe a little hope and knowledge can go a long way. The communities that are in need of transplant the most lack the appropriate knowledge and awareness of transplant and organ donation. By sharing real-life experience, professional knowledge, and a pleasantly scented candle we help spread that awareness. Agent of Hope, do you accept the mission?

02 | The Mission Symbol

The Hope Weaver symbol is —a simple yet meaningful symbol crafted with purpose. It features the letters 'H' and 'W', subtly paired like the H is uplifting the W. With a touch of Donate Life Blue, this symbol embodies hope and resilience, inviting you to join our mission of light and transformation with the Hope Weaver. Every Codename: CANDLES customer is an Impact Maker. The Hope Weavers Impact Makers are called Agents of Hope.

03 | How to Accomplish the Mission

When you purchase the Mission Kit or Candle, you help get us closer to accomplishing the mission. Yep, that's it. You have made an impact with your purchase by getting us closer to the mission being accomplished on a bigger scale. A percentage of your purchase goes to an 'Impactee', the positive force driving the mission or is in need. The Impactee for the Hope Weaver Collection is Live On Nebraska


Mission Analysis

  • Over 100,000 folks across the U.S need an organ transplant

  • 1 organ donor can save 8 lives

  • Over 100,000 folks across the U.S need an organ transplant

  • 1 tissue donor can heal 100 individuals 

  • Each day 20 individuals die waiting for a transplant

  • 60% of those waiting representing minority communities. The need for donation and transplant is more pronounced in minority communities where disproportionately higher rates of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease contribute to organ failure, especially kidney failure. African Americans are three times more likely than White Americans to have kidney failure. Hispanics are 1.5 times more likely than non-Hispanics to have kidney failure.

  • In 2023, there were more than 39,000 organ transplants from deceased donors

  • Tissue and Organs that can be donated: Corneas, heart valves, veins, skin, bones, connective tissue, kidneys, heart, lungs, small intestine, pancreas, and liver. 

Mission Kit

The Mission Candle: The Hope Weaver is a premium soy candle. Blue or Gold vessel. Wicked (wooden) or Wickless. The Hope Weaver Blue is in an elegant sapphire blue jar. Blue is one of the colors for transplant donation awareness. Hope Weaver Gold candle is in a stunning gold vessel with a specially engraved oak lid. The gold vessel resembles shining hope.


The Hope Weaver scent is a specially handcrafted bright and hopeful scent with sweet citric notes.


The Mission Book: Loom of Hope. The Loom of Hope is an Audiobook coming to you in April 2025. Ordering a Hope Weaver Candle now will give you 25% off the Audiobook when it released on our online store. Be sure your email address is on your order to receive the code. The Loom of Hope is a book that will have inspiring stories from recipients and our donor heroes to the medical teams that make it happen and more. So, for right now the Hope Weaver Collection is just the candle and a Mission Sheet. 


The Impactee

The Impactee for the Hope Weaver is Live On Nebraska, an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to saving and healing lives through organ, tissue, and eye donation. As an organ procurement organization, they have three main responsibilities: recover organs and tissues for transplantation, maintain the Donor Registry of Nebraska, and provide education on the importance of donation and grow the donor registry.


Learn more about organ donation and Live On Nebraska at


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