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Get to Know Us

Codename: CANDLES is the candle brand for the Impact Maker. The Codename Mission is to bring a little light to areas in the dark. The brand standard is that each collection of the brand has a 'Mission Kit' which is comprised of a Candle and a Book. Enlighten your mind with a book on the mission subject matter and a candle to enhance your reading experience. The Mission is accomplished with your simple purchase as a percentage of all candle sales for each collection goes to a 'Mission Impactee', an organization that is leading the charge in it's respective mission. Agent Impact Maker, do you accept the mission?

Agent Impact Maker, 

Choose Your Mission

01 | Hope Weaver Collection

The Hope Weaver mission is to bring light and support to organ transplant donation awareness. 

Release Date: April 18, 2024


02 | Peace of Mind Collection

The Peace of Mind mission is to bring light and support to mental health awareness in BIPOC Communities. 

Release Date: July 2024

More Info Coming Soon


Brand FAQs

How are the missions chosen?

We debut the brand with the Hope Weaver Collection as it is one of the primary reasons the SunFlare Brands Company and the Codename: CANDLES brand was created. Our goal is to bring light to causes from A - Z. We carefully choose causes that are in alignment with the company values and could use some light. 

What kind of candles are in this brand?

The candles in this brand are all handcrafted and made of a premium soy wax blend. The candle scent will be reminiscent of the mission of each collection. The vessel for each collection will be different and in reflection of the collection.  

What type of book are you pairing with a candle?

First, note that we use the word 'book' broadly. The types and forms of books we do will be different for each collection but primarily a standard book. The Hope Weaver is paired with an audiobook and the Peace of Mind is paired with a guided journal. As the brand grows, we will explore various book types. 

Do we write the book for each collection?

Yes. No. Maybe so, but less likely. One of the aims with this brand isn't just to expose our customer to some amazing handcrafted scented candles but to support and collaborate with writers and authors who share the mission of the collection and the brand. 

What is the Codename Mission Review?

The Codename Mission Review is our YouTube Channel that will introduce and update our Impact Makers on the various Codename missions. 

Our Retail and Bookstore Partners

You can get your candles here or at one of our favorite retailers, gift shops, or bookstores. Click on the pins on the map below. 

  1. Elmwood Pharmacy, 5203 Leavenworth St, Omaha, NE

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