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Joy just Right with SunFlare Light

Company Overview


The mission of the SunFlare Brands Company is to impact and illuminate communities and people through locally handcrafted candles and products.

By combining the science and art of candle crafting, the company seeks to bring joy, awareness, and positive change to individuals and communities. The mission encompasses the creation of all of our candle brands but with the foundation being our smoke odor-neutralizing SunFlare Galaxy Candles which aim to have minimal to no carbon release, and the candle brand Codename: CANDLES, with the Hope Weaver Candle being the inaugural collection. The Hope Weaver collection is dedicated to raising awareness and supporting causes such as transplant donation education and donor care.


Through these flagship brands, SunFlare Brands Company aims to be a beacon of light, fostering connection, impact, and positive change in the world.


Our company core values aim to bring the SunFlare LITE:

L: Love for Community 

I: Inventive Creativity

T: Thriving Spirit

E: Enterprise-Savvy


A brand and culture that impacts our community and internal teams through employment opportunities, contractor relationships, vendor/retailer partnerships, and being a place that the community is proud to interact with. 

Young Craftsman in the Workshop

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

The SunFlare Launch Roadmap

October 2019 - July 2024
Pre - Launch: A New Star Appears

August 2024 - July 2025
Soft Launch Event: The SunFlare Mission really Begins

August 2025 - TBD
Hard Launch: The Next Phase of the SunFlare Mission

The Pre-Launch phase of the company is when the company was born. During this time we did all initial testing's, research & development, idea pitching, and business planning. We look forward to continued relationships we have began to build since this phase. 

Soft Launch is when we finally and officially take off onto our mission of illuminating communities and people through our locally handcrafted candles and many other products.

The dream of the future is to have all brands of the company available and open our first physical location that is uniquely adventurous unlike any other candle shop and attraction. It will be called the SunFlare Candle Gallerium

The SunFlare

Project Meeting
SunFlare Brands Company CEO, Rodney Bennett

Rodney Bennett
CEO and Owner 

  • Professionally Trained Candle Crafting Expert

  • CTC, Corporate Trainer Certified

  • Project Management Essentials Certified

  • 20+ years leading high-performing teams

  • 15+ years in operations and business management

20+ years of leadership and management include professional certifications in Operations Management, Training and Leadership, Lean Six Sigma, and Project Management provide for effective planning and administration.

Future Roles:

  • Assistant

  • Candle Crafter

  • More to come....

See our Careers and Opportunities page. 

Eco-Lotion Pumps

Company Documents and Sustainability


Partnerships and Certifications

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Company Media

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