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About SunFlare Legacy Candles

...for the love of Candles.

SunFlare Legacy Candles offers a unique collection of candles featuring scents inspired by the legacy that SunFlare aims to bring to the community. These candles are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and are designed to evoke nostalgia and warmth, making them perfect for any space.


Our Candles and Legacy Products

Gift & Gather Zone

The SunFlare Gift & Gather Zone is your one-stop destination for loyalty rewards, candle parties, and gift card purchases. Join the SunFlare Impactors Club, host candle parties with friends, and surprise loved ones with the gift of SunFlare candles, all in one convenient place.


SunFlare Impactors Club & App

Experience the perks of being a SunFlare Impactor with our upcoming loyalty program. Stay tuned as we craft an effortless and rewarding experience tailored just for you, our valued customers.

Bachelorette Party

SunFlare Candle Parties

Get ready to 'carve' in a little joy and create lasting memories with friends and family. Let's have fun, with good music, delicious snacks, and some candle carving. Create a carved candle that speaks to your creativity or create a scented jar candle to light up a room with some of your favorite scents. Coming in early 2025. Stay tuned. 

Bachelorette Party Presents

Treat your loved ones to the gift of choice with a SunFlare Gift Card. Perfect for any occasion, our gift cards allow recipients to explore our brands, handcrafted candles, and find their favorite SunFlare scent.

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