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The ReVive Light Candle is dedicated to half of its proceeds going towards the recovery efforts of a family affected by the recent Omaha Area tornado storms. 

12oz ReVive Light Wickless Candle

SKU: Y12
  • I Stay Fresh

    Immerse yourself in the crisp, comforting embrace of freshly laundered linens with our invigorating scent, "I Stay Fresh." Evoking the essence of cleanliness and purity, this fragrance fills your space with the revitalizing aroma of a sunny day's breeze gently caressing your linens, ensuring every corner of your home exudes a sense of freshness that lasts. Like Nanna just put the fresh linens out to dry.

    Lavender Moon

    Drift into a state of tranquility as you bask in the soothing embrace of "Lavender Moon." Inspired by the serene beauty of a moonlit night, this fragrance captures the essence of relaxation and calm. Picture yourself gazing under the shimmering moonlight, as gentle breeze caresses your skin. The subtle hints of lavender in the air add a touch of floral elegance, inviting you to unwind and escape into a peaceful oasis of serenity.

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