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The Hope Weaver is a premium soy wax blend candle.  The Hope Weaver Gold is in an elegant and sleek shining Gold vessel with no wick. The Hope Weaver scent is a specially handcrafted bright and hopeful sweet scent with citric top notes and candy base notes. This wickless lamp candle is to be used under a candle lamp rather than a warmer plate. This candle is perfect for areas in which a normal candle is not allowed due to the flame. This candle typically also lasts longer than a wicked candle.

Hope Weaver Gold Wickless

Phase 2 Pre-Order: This product will be available starting AUGUST 2024 and will preorder when physical supply runs out. Products will be shipped within 2 - 15 business days, once restocked.
  • Pre Order Notice:

    We start putting Pre-Orders together immediately after the order is placed if all of the items are on hand, otherwise, it could take 2 -15 business days. Normal orders are sent out immediately after the order is placed or 2 - 5 business days.

    Phase 1: Starts APRIL 2024 

    Phase 2: Starts AUGUST 2024

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