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NOTE: At this time the site is still under construction. All brands will be full launched on the site in August 2024, Our Soft Launch Month. Please stay tuned and check us out on Facebook for any updates. 

Current Launch Schedule (by Brand):

  • SunFlare Galaxy Candles

    • Site Launch:​ 7/8/2024, 3:00PM CST Pre Order Starts. 

    • Physical/Retail Debut: 4/20/2024, Hi-Fi SmokeFest 

  • Codename: CANDLES

  • Candle Language

    • Site Launch: 7/8/2024, 3:00PM CST Pre-Order Starts

  • SunFlare Legacy Candles

    • Site Launch: 6/3/2024, 3:00PM CST

Check Our Each Brand's Page to get more details. 

The Company Launch Event, the SunFlare Brands Company Launch Gallery and Wick Cutting has been rescheduled from April 2024 to August 2024.

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About Us

"Welcome to SunFlare Brands Company, where passion meets purpose in the warm glow of creativity. We are more than just a candle company; we are curators of light, crafting each piece with a blend of science, art, and love. Our journey began with a desire to bring joy to our customers through uniquely designed candles, and it has evolved into a mission to spark opportunity and positive change in our community. Join us on this luminous adventure, where every flicker tells a story of craftsmanship, creativity, and the boundless possibilities found in the power of a candle."


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